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In her work with burnt thicket theatre, Alida is responsible for working closely with James Popoff, Artistic Director, to plan, strategize, and execute the programming and growth of the company.  Part of this role is directly related to specific projects, such as the 2012 North American tour of She Has a Name, and part of it is related to the ongoing operations, strategic planning, and growth of burnt thicket theatre.  Her salary for projects is built into individual show budgets, but while burnt thicket theatre is in its early stages of development, she is responsible for raising support to pay her salary for the non-project-specific work that she does with the company.

burnt thicket theatre‘s funding model is a hybrid of the model used by many churches to support missionaries and the traditional model of arts patronage by the church.  The theatre that we create, in addition to being theatre that enlivens [restores life to] audiences through original performances, is also the telling of stories that creatively communicate God’s heart.

Part of our decision as a company is to avoid lottery funding, which is, in Alberta, a significant source of operations funding for arts organizations.  As such, we work closely with the local church community and individuals who are passionate about telling good stories and who want to be a part of this work.

The arts have always relied on patronage, and the combined roles of faith, arts, the church, and culture have often been manifested in direct financial support of individual artists who are creating new, bold, innovative, and culture-shaping work.  We are seeking individuals and churches who are interested in continuing in this tradition and who are willing to give monthly, tax-deductible donations to ensure that burnt thicket theatre can continue to tell its stories.

All donations are tax-deductible through burnt thicket’s partner organization, Epic Ministries (charitable status # 88154 3870 RR0001), and pre-authorized, automatic monthly donations are possible.

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