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Alida is the Producing Director of Burnt Thicket Theatre, which aims to enliven [restore life to] audiences through original performance.

In 2011, Burnt Thicket Theatre in partnership with Raise Their Voice presented the acclaimed world premiere of Andrew Kooman’s She Has a Name.  Currently Burnt Thicket Theatre is in preparations for a 6-month tour of She Has a Name in 2012, in addition to solidifying programming and new projects for the next season.

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Inspired by an event in April of 2008 in which an abandoned storage container was found in Thailand containing 121 workers from Burma, 54 of them dead, She Has a Name gives human trafficking a dramatically personal face.

“SHE HAS A NAME provides candid and authentic insight into human trafficking in South East Asia. The content of this play will make you feel uncomfortable, upset and enraged. As a young lawyer working in Cambodia, SHE HAS A NAME inspired me even more to dedicate my life to the thousands of children who are trafficked every year.”
Rebekah Armstrong, Solicitor Te Nahu Lovell & Co., Executive Director of Prescha.org

27 million slaves in the world today, nearly 1 million trafficked every year into the sex trade. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal trade with annual profits estimated at 31 billion US dollars. Yet each person caught in slavery has a story, a story that will likely go unheard.

“Calgary’s SHE HAS A NAME a ‘heart-wrenching’ hit, powerful drama… Denise Wong is simply amazing… The subject matter makes SHE HAS A NAME a difficult experience but the love and care that has gone into this production makes it a rewarding one. FOUR STARS”
—Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun (read full review)

“Human trafficking play gets heart behind horror… it is the portrayal by Denise Wong of someone embodying childlike innocence enslaved by fear that galvanizes the production, and gives it urgency and emotional depth.”
—Bob Clark, Calgary Herald (read full review)


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