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May 8, 2010   //   by Alida   //   Creative Discontent, Real Life  //  No Comments

One of the coolest things about our wedding is the number of artists we have involved. And not, for the most part, people that we’ve hired — you know, that string quartet who just comes in for the wedding and doesn’t know the couple at all.

No, the artists who are involved in our wedding are mostly close friends, and are mostly professionals who are doing what they do as a part of the wedding. Our circle of professionals includes theatrical designers and managers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, choir directors, photographers. Not to mention Colin and I using our own professional skills — producing, composing/arranging, design, marketing and communications, etc. — as we’re planning the day.

I’m excited to give these artists a forum to work in; I’m excited that they’re giving us their best and that they’re highly trained and qualified for these jobs. I’m excited that we can expose some Calgary and area artists to an audience that may not otherwise know of them or know what they do — and trust me, as details are finalized and we know exactly what people are doing for us, we’ll be giving them all the free advertising we can manage.

We have a fantastic community of artists surrounding us, and we’d be foolish to not take advantage of the expertise and talent available.

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